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Just read news that US navy ships are going near N.korea

Walao yall are making me so stressed I just wanna attend my summer school peacefully can :((

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Feeling all depressed cos recess week is ending
This recess week is by far the worst ever cos ive been working and working and working
Doing my assignment > project > assignment > project meeting on skype > one pagers > meeting
Omg like I dont think I took a freaking break?? I dont even feel rested cos i feel more tired after using my laptop almost everyday to do my assignments and projects
I didnt even go shop (i always take one day off during recess week to go shopping haha) or cook for myself (i also try to cook a nice meal every recess week)

Im so depressed these days la idk how to make myself feel better too
I feel even more tired cos i know the next 6 weeks are gonna be crazy with SO MANY duedates coming :(

Sigh sigh

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So I attended my cousin's wedding last night. They have been together sice they were 16 and were each others first love (aww). So that's about 12 yrs of relationship together. Relationship goallllllsssss

Can't imagine my siblings getting married one day. It'll be so weird. I think i'll feel it more if my sis is the one whos getting married cos we've been together for most of the time :(( sobs

Xmas wishlist

Hi guys

Ultra soft luxurious towel for bathing (so its not those small towel for my face)
Or a minimalist 2016 planner which js not too big or small but have daily planning

No panda stuff 🤗

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Sian now i feel bad cos theres another girl whos in my same class and want to swap with me to the new Thursday class. Then I found someone and she didnt :///////

Walaoooooooo i feel baaaadddd

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Pls pls Guan yin ma pls
Pls let me find someone to swap my class cos I want to free up my Tuesday 😢😢😢😢
I dont want to spend 3 hr traveling for a 3hr classsss :(((((((( damnnnnnzzzz
Cant find anyone who wna swap :( so sad is this why they say connections are impt in life LOL haiiiis

Pls pls pls bohpiiiiii